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Many years ago, when I was 12, I saw the first female member of the London Stock Exchange interviewed on television.  From that moment on I was fascinated by finance. But my school didn’t offer careers advice on a future in the City..

I came to London at 18 to study – for a degree in Business and Finance at Cass. My Grandfather was born within the sound of Bow Bells - the traditional definition of a Cockney, London is my genes.  I have lived here ever since and I love it.

In 1992 I graduated in the middle of a deep recession and got my first job at Goldman Sachs as an Equities Research Salesperson (a broker) selling UK and European shares to fund managers.
Wow, there are some stories from those times….

Changing of direction I became a business and financial journalist, mostly on air at the BBC World Service Radio – an institution I am extremely proud to have worked for.

Most recently I was the financial markets analyst at the interdealer brokers, BGC Partners until leaving to write and to broadcast full time.

With the experience of more than two decades I’m delighted to to be able to explain financial complexities in some of the world’s most prestigious publications. Right here in London.